Start of project: 2012

Divitel is developing for Ericsson a modular web portal that allows authorized users to access a wide range of modules that manage the following business processes:
-E2E lease management: data, documents, processes and payments;
-energy management;
-roll-out process for all customers of Ericsson;
-trouble tickets and maintenance;
-contract management for BuildOperateTransfer and Multifrequency projects with H3G;
-safety access to the sites.

Based on customer requests new modules are costantly added to the portal.


Start of project: 2014
Divitel is performing for Ericsson the management of the network design for Jazztel´s dark fiber network  in Spain.

Start of project: 2014

Divitel is performing for Ericsson the management of the network design for Jazztel´s dark fiber network in Spain PMO Engineering: Generation of tables to analyze global leadership status, performance and quality:
· Permits
· Engineering
· Shared use requests with other operators
· Launch a design RD
Design of performances and extensions RA.
· Quality control of actions RA and RD.
· Proposals launch construction RD
· Management and control of shared use requests
· Consulting tools.
· Preparation of proposals for process improvement
· Support for the deployment in general
FTTH deployment PMO for Project Companies
Generation of dashboards tracking
· Coordination Territorial Managements
· Launch to launch design and construction proposal
· Control RA enterprises
· Control of shared use request companies
· Control permissions
· Control certifications and budgets
We have also made control Interconnections between RA and RD for setting coverage homes.



2012 – 2013
Divitel executed a contract with Ericsson for the management of planning and quality control of the maintenance executed  by Ericsson for Yoigo sites.

2012 – 2013
Divitel executed a contract with Ericsson to survey the quality, the organization and the operative work of the subcontracted companies related to the technology swap of Orange’s network.

Divitel executed in a contract with Ericsson for technical assistance and supervision related to the implementation of the new Telefonica UMTS network in Spain.

Divitel performed for Ericsson the preventive maintenance audits for approximately 650 sites per year in the Orange network.

Divitel executed for Ericsson a contract to control the quality of the works executed by its subcontractors:
– Management and control of quality of the preventive maintenance and corrective (aprox. 5.000 sites per year)
– Management and control of quality of the works and installation of mobile network (aprox. 10.000 sites per year)
– Quaity control of quality of the radio design.


2012 – 2017

Divitel executed an outsourcing contract with Ericsson to manage the following services related to the sites built by Ericsson for the operator H3G:
• real estate: management of the active and passive contracts;
• lifecycle: management of trouble tickets, extraordinary interventions and preliminary evaluations, third parties, safety;
• power management: management of the utilities of the sites;
• management system: web based tool to manage all the services outsourced;
• contact center: management of the issues with the landlords through a dedicated front-office a back-office and reporting;
• mails management: mail box and protocol management, digitalization of all the mails received and sent;
• reporting.

The project was supported by a dedicated web tool designed and developed by Divitel to control the services and used by all the actors of the processes.