Start of project: 2011
Divitel is executing a contract with Orange for research and acquisition of sites in certain areas of Spain.

Start of project: 2011
Divitel is executing on Joint Venture a contract relevant to the following activities:
– New sites search and acquisition
– Legal regularization of existing sites
– Renegotiation of the contract under termination
– Problems management relavant to renting contracts of sites
– Minor repairs execution on the sites
– Call Center for the owners
– Management of web appliaction for the owners

Whole project management of Orange is supportes by a tool provided by Divitel.

Start of project: 2009
Divitel is developing a set of web based tools dedicated to the management of the following operative processes of Orange:
– sites sharing;
– quality control of all the phases of the development of the network;
– approval process of the supplier orders;
– KPI and SLA of the suppliers
– renegotiation of the existing rent contracts
– site legal regularization
– energy consumption optimization
– repairs management in the existing sites

Start of project: 2009

Divitel is currently a purchase agreement in association of companies with other companies for the renegotiation of 5,000 leases of sites operator Orange and his specific assignment within the grouping is the renegotiation of about 2000 sites in the regions of Madrid and Valencia.
The project is supported by a tool, accessible by internet, belonging to Divitel, for the project control of project, used by Orange and by all the actors of the process.

Start of project: 2001

Divitel is executing a contract with Orange where it’s performing:
– Supervision of new sites and of dismantling of sites to be abandoned
– Acceptance and audits of sites self accepted by the vendors
– Health and safety obligation
– Audits of preventive maintenance
– Supervision of implementation of fiber optic network
– Inventory on the sites

Start of project: 2014

Warehouse control activities, planning, control and supervision of civil works, fiber, control joints,  monitoring services, monitoring of project documentation and Orange upgrade tools, security coordination. FTTH network deployment of about 400,000 sites in the center of Spain, in the Levante area, in Andalusia and in areas of Paesi Baschi.

Start of project: 2010

Audit of France Telecom DSLAM equipment installed in the central stationed of Telefonica, at about 290 sites in the central Telefonica, in the Levante area, in Andalusia and in the Canary Islands.

FTTN revision for the fiber optic connection in Orange base stations in the center, Levante and Andalusia at about 150 sites.

Start of project: 2017

Divitel is executing a business contract jointed with other companies for the following activities:
– Search and acquisition of new sites
– Permissions
– Radio and transmission design
– Engineering
– Electricity supply
– Certificates of radio emissions
– Construction project

All the management of Orange project is supported by the SOL application of Divitel supplied to Orange.



1999 – 2002

Divitel has completed a contract with Siemens related to the project management of all the sites (over 3,000) assigned to Siemens in the Orange project (3rd mobile phone operator). The principal sites and/or regions involved are Valencia, Malaga, Seville, La Coruña, Alicante, Murcia, Asturie, the Balearic Islands, Cadiz, Vigo etc.