Inizio progetto: 2013
Divitel is performing a sharing project between Telecom Italy and Vodafone Italy (Sharing 2.0) for the renegotiation, planning, drawings production, permissions, radio emission analysis, detailed design and project management for 200 sites.

Start of project: 2013
Divitel is performing a contract for rent reduction and acquisitionon around 1000 sites property of TIM, Vodafone and INWIT.



2005 – 2009
Divitel has executed in a contract with TIM for Design, Project Engineering and Health and Safety control of about 450 sites all over the country, for installation on the sites of DVBH technology equipment.

2004 – 2005

Divitel executed a contract related to the renovation of about 20 T.I.M shops for a value of about 400,000 Euros each, located in the most important Italian cities.
The contract was including the following activities:
• Project Control activity consisting in technical, economic and administrative verification of the performance of the design engineer and the contractors responsible for execution of the various activities, with the task of ensuring compliance with forecast costs and timing.
• On-site Technical Assistance during the construction stages for technical monitoring of works quality.

2003 – 2005
Divitel executed a contract with TIM for Project Management and Technical Supervision of about 1000 sites all over the country, for implementation of its GSM and UMTS mobile phone network.


2001 – 2002
Divitel has executed a contract with IS-TIM for the project management and supervision of about 1.500 sites for the “Aria” project, starting from May 2001.
Divitel has carried out these activities all over Turkey, with headquarters in Istanbul and local branches in Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and Adana, working closely with Aria regional managers.


Divitel operated for a few months in Turkey for Siemens, giving preliminary technical assistance to Siemens for the preparatory phase of the TIM mobile phone network implementation project.