Start of project: 2010

Divitel is executing a contract relevant to the renegotiation of around 3,500 rental contracts of sites included in WIND saving project.
Divitel is the company who has obtained the most important quantity of contracts to negotiate.



2010 – 2011
Divitel has performed a contract related to an outsource of WIND consisting on the following activities:
-management of the active and passive contracts, update of the operator systems;
-management of the utilities and update of the operator systems;
-mail protocol management;
-contact center.

2009 – 2010
Divitel executed a contract relevant to the construction of 70 shops belonging to Wind located in all the Italian regions.
The contract included the activities here below listed:
-Basic design, shop drawings, works execution control and safety;
-Project control for the technical, economic and administrative verification of the performances of the different actors of the process (design, installation and construction companies) to assure the respect of the costs and the times planned
-Technical assistance in the field during construction phase to control the quality of the works.

2009 – 2012
Divitel executed a contract relevant to conformity control of around 200 provisional sites, belonging to WIND.
The contract included the activities below listed:
-technical and functionality check of the provisional sites relevant static and safety conformity to the rules and definition of repair actions when necessary
-final verification after the repairs execution, if any.

Divitel executed a specific consulting activity to define the correct value of some shops and some buildings for offices belonging to Wind operator, to define their commercial value and the correct rent to be paid to the owner.
The contract included the following activities:
-technical review of the building considering its location and surrounding area
-search and acquisition of the official documents of the municipality relevant to the building
-design acquisition of the building and other technical data
-preparation of specific document, including the economic rent to be paid to the owner and the eventual fee to be paid to the current locator to have the shop available in a short time.

Divitel executed a contract related to the use of informatics applications for cost reduction of rent site renovation and for the evaluation of co-siting possibilities with other operators.