Energy Saving Solutions

Divigroup offers its experience in the energy field thanks to a consolidated method supported by the IT application SOL Energy, capable of analyzing data on energy supply contracts and obtaining tangible savings on energy costs.
The significant experience gained by Divigroup and the results obtained give rise to noteworthy savings.
Divigroup offers the “win-to-win” business model, in which the risk is shared and the fee for the work carried out is calculated based on the savings obtained for the client. A winning formula that offers advantages for both parties.


The work team carries out a preliminary study of consumptions with the aim of comparing different suppliers, and uses consumption benchmarks based on parameters such as climate zone, equipment, equipment vendor, load and type of location.
The results obtained from the preliminary study allow Divigroup to detect any anomalies related to energy cost (framework agreement) and anomalies relate to its use.
Divigroup also offers its experience for engineering projects aimed at reducing energy costs by analyzing locations, proposing innovative solutions and providing quotations with related payback estimates.


According to the client’s needs, Divigroup offers its services both as consulting firm able to analyze the company’s energy consumption, with relevant energy saving proposals, and as day-to-day energy manager  (connections, bills, utilities, etc.), monitoring consumptions, bills and invoices and preventing anomalies from occurring, and keeping average consumptions of distribution outlets under control.


Thanks to the SOL Energy module, Divigroup offers the client constant monitoring of utilities, report on consumption trends and automatic extraction of cases of anomalous consumption, as well as acting as a repository for bills and invoices.

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