Optimization of Services / Outsourcing

Many company services can be optimized and/or outsourced, allowing considerable savings in terms of cost.
Divigroup offers its expertise through an assistance service with a range of actions:

  • Outsourcing of administrative, real estate and IT services.
  • Drafting of tender specifications concerning services rendered by suppliers.
  • Optimization and renegotiation of framework agreements with suppliers.
  • Ensuring legal requirements concerning service contracts with suppliers are regularly executed.


Divigroup is able to offer its client the opportunity to outsource numerous major company activities, through a functional and efficient outsourcing service. The areas of application in which Divigroup offers its expertise as outsourcer are:

  • Management and/or renewal of rental contracts as lessee or lessor with a view to saving - and maintaining the relevant databases.
  • Management of safety in the workplace in accordance with the local regulations.
  • Energy management: management of utilities, connections, transfers, consumptions using our SOL application.
  • Web based support and digitization of the client’s processes.
  • Management of correspondence: Divigroup can manage correspondence through the post office box tool and manage the whole process.
  • Management of routine and non-routine maintenance: planning of site visits, selection of the most competent suppliers, monitoring the execution of works, management of orders and payments.
  • Logistics.
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