Renegotiations of rental contracts

Divigroup can assist companies whose core business involves shops, branches and offices distributed over national territory; Divigroup offers support for specific projects aimed at reducing amounts paid for rental: in fact, many contracts are no longer aligned with market values and often were entered into in a macro economy very different from the current situation.
Thanks to know how acquired over time, Divigroup offers its concrete support through the “win to win” formula, in which the risk is shared and the fee for the project implemented is calculated based on the savings made by the client. A winning formula that offers advantages for both parties.


Work phases:

  • Initial Phase / Back Office The initial phase consists of collecting, cleansing and developing the data supplied by the client; contracts are subsequently divided according to type of location and property. A feasibility study is then carried out, excluding cases that are not viable.
  • Strategic Phase The Divigroup team of specialists identifies and defines the strategies to deal with the project, planning a workflow on which the negotiation process will be based. It analyzes typical contracts, defines objectives and targets to be reached, choosing negotiators in relation to the economic situation to be tackled, in order to make use of the most suitable professionals.
  • Operational and Final Phase Head office coordinates the negotiators’ work, using a workflow management system, periodic meetings are planned and implemented to assess the progress of works and weekly reports are produced for the client, underscoring any critical issues encountered during negotiations.
    At the end of the renegotiations, a final summary report to be shared with the client is drawn up, in which the results obtained are highlighted.
  • Reorganization of Space The client can also use Divigroup’s services to carry out engineering projects aimed at reducing the space used. After the works have been carried out, Divigroup will also deal with renegotiation of the rental contracts in conformity with the reduction in space.


According to the client’s needs, Divigroup can conduct the project using two different approaches:

Management Support: in this case, Divigroup coordinates the project through management of the client’s suppliers.

Management of the Whole Project, end-to-end: with this option, Divigroup manages the whole project, taking responsibility for all matters relating to the project and providing its own resources.


To effectively tackle the difficulty in logistics caused by a large number of negotiators spread over national territory, Divigroup has developed an IT application able to guarantee correct implementation of the project through the monitoring and coordination of resources distributed over the country.

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