Engineering services have always represented one of Divigroup’s strengths, in particular dealing with the planning, installation and maintenance of cell sites spread throughout the country. In-house professionals, mainly coming from large construction companies, have developed considerable expertise, which is put into practice in the numerous consulting services provided by Divigroup.



Preliminary operational phase:

  • Technical and economic analysis of the project or of part of the project;
  • Identification, set up and start up of activities required to execute the project;
  • Identification of the functions of the various departments, preparation of the operational standards;
  • Planning of activities and of the financial and economic study.

Technical Support

Monitoring and reporting:

  • Integration with the client’s operational structure;
  • Technical and management assistance in all operational phases of the activities;
  • Drafting of the technical specifications;
  • Selection of suppliers and preparation of contract formats;
  • Management of preparatory activities for implementation of works;
  • Checking and monitoring of outline and detailed designs;
  • Supervision during the implementation phase: monitoring of execution times and quality of works, through repeated checks during the works;
  • Monitoring the cost estimate budgets;
  • Project management;
  • Management of safety pursuant to law and subsequent amendments and integrations and to Legislative Decree 81/2008;
  • Technical and administrative testing and management of as-built documents.


Acceptance in the provisional and final phase of works:

  • Inspection of finished works for their provisional acceptance with indication of any repairs;
  • Monitoring of correct execution of the planned works;
  • Final acceptance of works;
  • Drafting of the compliance report relating to works and equipment present.