The experience and professionalism of its resources allow Divigroup to offer high quality management skills, providing the client with tangible support in a wide range of company activities linked above all to complex projects distributed over the country.
The skills of the Divigroup consulting team are related to administrative management, the management of maintenance operations, logistics, activities concerning cost reduction and engineering.

Divigroup can take either a management or operational role: it can be involved as the party directly responsible for the action to be taken, or as supervisor (monitoring, control and checking) of the activities of third parties involved, in both cases protecting the client’s interests.
Divigroup aims to distinguish itself from the typical concept of consulting,
by working alongside the client every day and offering a significant contribution to the development of the company.

Project Management

Divigroup specializes in complex company projects, where project management is required to ensure smooth functioning of processes and timely coordination of a work group.
Divigroup supports project management activities through the use of out web application SOL, designed to manage project monitoring and supervision operations and suitable to be used in any business sector.

Business expertise combined with the web application ensures that the project runs smoothly and offers the client:

  • Real time progress report
  • Automatic reporting
  • On-line coordination of the various players involved in the process
  • On-line access to documents

Project management activities can be applied to various areas, such as:

  • Renegotiations of rental contracts
  • Energy saving solutions
  • Engineering services
  • Civil and infrastructural works

Management Support

“Support” as Divigroup understands it can be defined as “operational consulting” as, through its work, the team working side by side with the client obtain measurable and long lasting improvements. From the start, Divigroup aims at building a relationship of trust with the client, based on transparency and supported by a very high level of professional expertise.
Divigroup can support the client in various ways, according to needs, for example by offering support to specific company activities or offices or by taking over specific functions, in an outsourcing relationship.

Divigroup specializes in:

  • Management of rental contracts (renewal, expiry, renegotiation);
  • Utilities (contracts and documents, consumption analysis, transfers, connections, relocations, etc.);
  • Management of data lines (in relation to activation, increase in capacity, termination);
  • Management of external correspondence (receipt and sorting);
  • Management of routine and non-routine maintenance: planning of site visits, selection of most competent suppliers, monitoring of the execution of works, management of orders and payments;
  • Management of safety in the workplace and related legislations;
  • Web based support and filing of specific company processes;
  • Logistics.