SOL Applications

SOL Contracts

This module enables end-to-end management of lease contracts. In particular it allows the management of:

  • Complete master file of all contractual data;
  • Master file of lessors;
  • Rentals and management of beneficiaries and nominees;
  • Calculation of the index of rentals based on the cost of life and on the contractual parameters;
  • Schedule of payments.

Workflow for management of processes relating to contracts:

  • Cancellations and withdrawals;
  • New contracts and renewals;
  • Renegotiation of existing contracts;
  • Take-overs.

SOL Rent Saving

This version of SOL is dedicated to end-to-end management of the process for renegotiating rental contracts with more favourable conditions.

Besides normal workflow management and document management of the process, SOL Rent Saving combines reports dedicated to the definition of saving targets with geo-referenced comparative analysis, benchmarking of negotiators by means of ad hoc reports and preparation of data flows of the new contracts towards the client’s management tools.
In combination with SOL Contracts, SOL Rent Saving is a powerful and comprehensive tool for the complete vertical management of lease contracts.

SOL Energy

SOL Energy can be used for operational and economic management of electricity utilities.

The main objectives of SOL Energy are:

  • Efficient management of all existing utilities with importing of bills, comparative analysis of consumptions and costs, budget forecasts;
  • Management of processes related to utilities, such as activation, deactivation, power supply contract modifications, switches to the free market, take-overs.

SOL Supervision

SOL Supervision, each time adapted to the client’s process, can be used to control projects that generally consist of a large number of activities spread over national territory.

The workflow management, document management and internal communication functions allow it to become the virtual centre of collaboration between all the players in the process. Document sharing between the parties involved and obtaining efficient acceptance is made easy, reports on progress are produced and viewed in real time. SOL can rapidly replace unreliable and tedious process management conventionally carried out with Excel spreadsheets.

SOL Trouble Ticket

Sol Trouble Ticket is a module that can be used to manage company trouble tickets. The trouble ticket can be characterized by various information elements defined with the client.

Each trouble ticket allows filing of documents and information as well as dedicated messages. SOL allows the flow of trouble tickets from an optional call center to a back office and from this to internal offices tracking throughput times, accurately defining the owner of each activity and keeping track of the complete resolution history of each activity.
Where applied, this program has allowed a drastic reduction of emails and more orderly and efficient management of trouble tickets.

SOL Safety

SOL Safety can be used to manage the flow of access authorization, which requires suppliers to accept the specific safety plans for each site.

SOL Safety is a central point of authorization where suppliers can:

  • Request registration and provide all information and documents relating to their company and established by current regulations:
  • After being accredited, in order to access a particular site, they must sign the site safety documents and provide information regarding the workers who will carry out the operation with the certificates requested in each case.

The macro objectives of the application are:

  • Management of the specific risk information regulations of the locations;
  • Acceptance of the risk information regulations, also via digital signature, by the suppliers that are to carry out the operation;
  • Check and approval of the documents and certificates of the supplier’s workers based on the activities to be carried out;
  • Management of the certificates required and relevant expiry dates;
  • Text messaging system for automatic communication with suppliers during access and closing of the operation.

SOL Quality

SOL Quality can be used to manage quality control on activities executed by third parties through checklists dependent on the type of activity subject to control.

After performing the audit, the auditor can enter non-conformities into the system attaching a note and photographs. The supplier can check the non-conformities detected and correct them, in turn attaching a photo with the correction and requesting closing of the non-conformity.
Number of non-conformities detected and correction times will then enable SOL to calculate the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) defined by the client in real time.

CheckAPP for SOL Quality

Divigroup has developed a mobile app for tablets and Android smartphones to allow auditors to save information and take photos directly from the tablet, in real time, during the visit.

CheckAPP can operate offline, without requiring coverage and, when the audit is complete, as soon as a signal becomes available all the information regarding the visit is sent to SOL with a simple click, drastically reducing data entry times and errors.

SOL Works Acceptance & CheckAPP

The latest development between Android Web/App combined applications, the SOL Work Acceptance tool, allows suppliers to use the Divigroup CheckAPP program to detect a series of information and photos related to the end of activity directly on site and in off-line mode.

When the report is complete, the data are automatically transferred to SOL and submitted for the client’s acceptance. Any pending matters and related corrective actions are managed using this tool until the automatic generation of a document in PDF format that, after being signed digitally, becomes the acceptance document of the activity carried out.

SOL Logistics

SOL Logistics is another module that enables management, cataloguing and handling of equipment.

It can be used to manage the requests for material by users and to create inventories of goods in stock.

In particular, with SOL Logistics it is possible to:

  • View all available goods in stock;
  • View reserved equipment;
  • Enter requests for material, and proceed with shipments to the company appointed to install the material;
  • Trace movement of the material;
  • Create an inventory of materials in stock;
  • Keep track of orders for new goods from suppliers, and manage minimum stocks for each product category.
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