DIVITEL MÓVIL, S.L. provides quality control services for works and installations, audits and inventories of sites, works and installations, property management for infrastructure operators, telephone network engineering, project legalisation, project management, project management, quality control, environmental and prevention services, project management and the development of computer applications.
With a clear commitment to contributing to and improving Sustainable Development, DIVITEL MÓVIL, S.L. adopts a long-term strategic vision based on the high quality of the services provided, respect for fundamental social and labour rights, and a respectful commitment to the environment and energy efficiency. In this way, quality, environmental commitment, energy efficiency and health and safety at work become the cornerstones of our vision.
The cornerstones of our policy are: quality, leadership, competence, experience and sustainability, which together with our most important objective “complete satisfaction of our customers through services that delight”, constitute the fundamental axis of our activity.

  • The Management promotes the maintenance and continuous improvement of the Integrated Quality, Environmental, Energy and Occupational Health and Safety Management System, bringing into play all the resources it deems necessary for its strengthening and the achievement of our goals, as well as for the prevention of damage and deterioration of the health of workers and third parties affected by DIVITEL MÓVIL, S.L. activity.
  • The Management is committed to satisfying all customer requirements, as well as the legal and regulatory requirements in force, and all those requirements that DIVITEL MÓVIL, S.L. subscribes to.
  • The Management is committed to continuous improvement, carrying out periodic reviews of the quality, environmental, energy and occupational health and safety objectives.
  • The Management is committed to protecting the environment and our surroundings, through actions and measures aimed at preventing any type of alteration that could be caused by our activities, especially pollution and in relation to the production of waste, and in energy consumption, making efficient use of it.
  • Management supports the acquisition of energy-efficient products and services that have an impact on energy performance, as well as design activities that improve the system.
  • Management is committed to adapting its Integrated Management System to the nature and level of Occupational Health and Safety risks of any individual or group (whether internal or external) involved in or affected by the organisation’s activity.
  • Management involves staff in collaborating in the maintenance and improvement of the system through continuous training.In addition, they will be continuously motivated to carry out their work with the highest degree of satisfaction for our customers. 
  • Promote a proactive and responsible behaviour of the Professionals who provide services in DIVITEL MÓVIL, S.L., demanding at all times the commitment and duty to report incidents or indications that represent a threat to compliance with the Management System, guaranteeing the non-existence of reprisals for the informant. 

The customer is the raison d’être of DIVITEL MÓVIL, S.L. Their complete satisfaction is our priority objective, the protection of the environment and the physical integrity and health of our workers and subcontractors is the achievement of the appropriate management of the organisation.

The Quality, Environmental, Energy and Occupational Health and Safety Policy is disseminated to all personnel by electronic means. In this way, DIVITEL MÓVIL, S.L. ensures that the Integrated Management Policy is understood by all company personnel and other interested parties.

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Roby Said
General Manager

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