Portfolio Detail

Optical fiber

Survey, audit and integration of 1,000km of FO backhaul and 2 million Fiber Optic Real Estate Units.

One of our customers had an urgent need to control the quality and operability of its fiber optic lines, in the acquisition of fiber networks in different locations. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the high level of technical expertise of Divigroup’s team allowed the development of processes and workflows, achieving a 60% reduction in time for auditing and network inventory and survey.

The quality and commitment of the Divigroup team enabled the organization in record time, guaranteeing the highest quality of work by including a series of quality control points between milestones, which allowed the work to be delivered without rejections or delays.

Divitel is very proud to have participated in the success of this project for its client.

Some data:

  • Auditing of more than 2 million UIIs
  • Physical and logical inventory survey of 1,500,000 UIIs
  • Integration of 450 headers
  • More than 10,00 km FO backhaul audited