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Quality audit

Quality audit of the management of telephone operators’ warehouses, with more than 3,000,000 items reviewed and audited.

Our client had many inefficiencies and high costs in its warehouses, and needed to audit the management of the warehouses where the spare parts of all the operator’s telephony network equipment were stored nationwide.

To carry out this audit, the Divigroup team organized inspections of all the operator’s warehouses throughout the country, auditing each and every one of the parts stored and reviewing the accuracy of the inventory in the operator’s computer systems as well as the traceability of the movements of the elements and the correct recording of the inputs and outputs of more than 25 operating warehouses.

The audits have been carried out 4 times over 8 years and have resulted in an optimization of the elements, better management of inventory data and records of incoming and outgoing materials from the warehouses.